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The discharge line is usually vented outside the building through the roof or an exterior wall. Control Methods.-As prescribed in the written maintenance procedures, periodic checks should be made to ensure that there are no leaks in the discharge line. Control Method.-The exhaust ventilation discharge should be designed so that prevailing winds will not carry EtO, into populated areas, open windows, doors, or air intakes for the heating, ventilating, or air conditioning systems of any buildings. Consult the sterilizer manufacturer for the proper tubing size and exhaust ventilation rate required to handle any discharge from this valve. An air gap must be maintained between the discharge and the drain to avoid siphoning. Accidental releases of EtO may occur from several sources, including glass ampules, cartridges, sterilizer discharge lines, and EtO supply cylinders. For EtO sterilizers that use glass ampules, the operator places wrapped or packaged items inside a plastic bag lining the container box.

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Without reliable ventilation system monitors and alarms, the sterilizer operator may be unaware of a malfunction. For sterilizers that use an auxiliary fan, EtO may be forced out other inlet grilles in the ventilation system if the main fan does not have sufficient capacity for the additional exhaust flow from the sterilizer fan. If a sterilizer is enclosed in a cabinet, the cabinet should be vented to a dedicated exhaust system. The sterilizer should not be operated if the exhaust system is not functioning property, and the sensor and alarm systems should be checked as recommended by the manufacturer to ensure that they are operating. To prevent contamination of other areas of the hospital, the ventilation system serving the EtO sterilizer room should have a dedicated exhaust system. Both pressurized and nonpressurized sterilizers may have vacuum purges at the end of the cycle. The pressurized sterilizers use a water-sealed vacuum pump to evacuate the chamber. In most cases, baskets used to transfer items are manually pulled from the shelves of the sterilizer chamber and carried to the aerator, where they ate set on shelves. Rather than presenting a set of polished articles, displayed in reverse chronological order, these sites act more like free form, work-in-progress wikis.