We can come to an understanding of which geometric details Monet chose to focus on, by moving between views of his paintings and the historic photographs from the same time period. We can observe the many ways in which the cathedral has changed in the past century, for example, by moving between the re-renderings of the old photographs and those of the new photographs. Many more ways of exploring and understanding the Gothic cathedral are afforded by moving between and around these modes. Smart is a mind set, of always challenging the limits of design and technology, of exactly understanding the usage, requirement and environments, and then developing the most ideal solutions that make a difference. In the course of developing this simulation, I accidentally introduced a sign error, and the progressive smoothing I had intended became a skyrocketing amplification instead. I, Consultant (part 5) – The last follow up.

In this way, the colorful organisms become part of a communicative game involving the users of the Interactive Bar Tables, whereby the flow of communication extends throughout the individual terrariums and creates an interconnection among the participants. The average cost changes depending on the part of the house being pressure washed, ranging from $50 to $700. Finally, by changing the time of day and our point of view around the cathedral, we may derive a sense of place—a feeling for the Rouen Cathedral as a real physical artifact, and a sense of the passage of a day in Rouen. Ultimately, the interpretation which Rouen Revisited affords is a dynamic one, forged in the mind of the user when she creates, using the multidimensional interface, her own Rouen Cathedral composition. A subscriber identity module (SIM) card, a small electronic chip containing specific information about the user and their mobile services, facilitates this process. The positive feedback of this process results in a rapid exaggeration of the user’s gesture, with the mark’s trail overlapping itself and quickly flying away in all directions. Even the tiniest wiggles in the user’s gesture are magnified to the entire breadth of the screen within fraction of a second.

And, when we scrub through the time-series of Monet paintings, we have a unique opportunity to access the entire set of Monet’s Cathedral paintings, and gain an appreciation for the both the range of Monet’s exploration as well as the constraints within which he chose to work. We can examine the cathedral in various levels of fog; at different times of day; from different points of view on a three-dimensional viewing surface; and lastly, along three dimensions of interpretation and media: bulk bath towels namely, as the cathedral appeared to photographers a hundred years ago, as it appears today, and as it would appear if Monet’s impressionist paintings of it were aligned with and projected onto its surface. Rouen Revisited is an artifact about artifacts about an artifact—an interactive and open-ended interpretation of paintings and photographs, which are themselves interpretations of an ancient Gothic artwork. Rouen Revisited (1996: Golan Levin and Paul Debevec) is an interactive kiosk which allows its users to explore eight dimensions of the façade of the Rouen Cathedral in Normandy. Streamer (1997: Golan Levin and Scott Snibbe) began as an attempt to design a virtual “kite”.

Streamer can be experienced in this interactive Java applet. The Secret Lives of Numbers was implemented in 2002 as a Java applet. February 2002) is a commission of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc., for its Turbulence web site. We express our gratitude to Helen Thorington, of New Radio and Performing Arts, for her support for this project. Self-Adherence was my contribution to Martin Fuchs’ unique Written Images project a book presenting contemporary generative art in which each copy of the book is computed individually from software written by leading computational artists. The project has also been presented in the following exhibitions, among others: Open Space 2007. NTT InterCommunications Center (ICC), Tokyo. The resulting information, presented in an interactive online information visualization, exhibits an extraordinary variety of patterns which reflect our culture, our minds, and our bodies. The resulting information exhibits an extraordinary variety of patterns which reflect our culture, our minds, and our bodiesforming a numeric snapshot of the collective consciousness. We surmise that our dataset is a numeric snapshot of the collective consciousness.