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In the end, I decided to stop investigating further because I got a bad vibe from the lack of transparency about what they were actually selling. Who knows what kind of stuff they were dealing in on the “private” forums. The whole operation gave me skeezy vibes so I closed the tabs and went back to legitimate online shopping.

I couldn’t really tell what they were selling exactly. The links had code words like “dumps” but no prices or real descriptions of the products. And when I tried to click on the forum access, it asked for a password which of course I didn’t have. Overall the whole site seemed a little shady. I tried checking other URLs too like briansclub.cm, briansclub shop, and bclub. bclub cc even bclub.cm but they all had the same minimal design and briansclub dumps vague information.

So I was browsing online the other day and came across this website called briansclub.cm. The URL seemed a little suspicious but I was curious so I decided to check it out. When I got there, it had a pretty basic design with not much information. It just said “briansclub shop” at the top and had some links to purchase things like dumps and access to their private forum.